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Ammendolia et al non op treat LSS update SR BMJ Open Jan 2022 Schneider_Ammendolia_2019 Chow_Ammendolia et al al long term

Oxford Textbook of Medicine: Back pain and regional disorders

Oxford Textbook of Medicine 6th Edition, Volume 3, Page 4406 Summary Over 70% of people in industrialized countries suffer from

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Chiropractic Management of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis with Carlo Ammendiola

Dr. Ammendolia and I discuss chiropractic care and lumbar spinal stenosis including a randomized controlled trial involving stenosis bootcamp. Listen

Chriopractic Australia: ICareChiroCast presents Dr. Carlo Ammendiola

An Interview about Dr. Carlo Ammendiola presented by Icarechirocast: Dr Carlo Ammendolia is the Director of the Spine Clinic and

ON Spinal chat with Dr. Carlo Ammendiola

In this episode, gain practical insights and research-backed approaches for assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients with spinal stenosis and various

Video Features

Dr. Carlo Ammendolia talks about Spinal Stenosis on Canada AM (CTV)

Dr. Carlo Ammendolia, a chiropractor and associate scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, has developed a specialized six-week “lumbar

Back Pain with Dr. Carlo Ammendiola

All you need to know about low back pain       Watch in youtube

Dr. Mike Evans for Low Back Pain

Discover Effective Solutions for Low Back Pain with Dr. Mike Evans Explore valuable insights on low back pain from Dr.


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