Privacy Policy (app)

Privacy Policy

You have provided informed written consent to participate in a research study aimed at evaluating a smartphone app. While using the app you will not be asked to provide personal information and will be given a unique identifying number only. While participating in evaluating the app, the app will be collecting information on your physical activity, such as exercises performed, weekly walk test results, daily step counts and inactive time. This information will be collected as part of the research study and will be linked to an identifying number. Only the research study investigators and health care providers delivering your care while on the Boot Camp program will have access to the information and can link your identifying number with your personal information. The physical activity information collected can be used by the health care provider delivering your program to monitor your progress and make modifications to your Boot Camp program.

All information collected during this study will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside the study unless required by law. You will not be named in any reports, publications, or presentations that may come from this study.