3 1/2 Minute Low Back Exam & Tailored Treatment

3 1/2 Minute Low Back Exam & Tailored Treatment

3 1/2 Minute Low Back Exam & Tailored Treatment

What is the 3 1/2 Minute Low Back Exam and Tailored Treatment?

Do not treat all low back patients the same!

Identifying the back pain generator is the first step to making the right diagnosis. The next step is matching the right diagnosis to the right treatment. Tailoring your treatment based on key features in the patient history and back exam will improve your patient outcomes. This workbook and video will provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to perform a comprehensive and efficient low back exam and to formulate a personalize  treatment plan.

The workbook and video will provide detailed instruction on what relevant tests should be performed and how to correctly perform and interpret test findings. The workbook will include a low back exam form that can be used to guide the exam and to record exam findings. A template for conducting a thorough low back pain history is also included with accompanying screening tools for assessing red and yellow flags.

The workbook will demonstrate how to diagnose or classify low back pain patients based on the clinical pattern, physical and functional exam findings and psychosocial risk assessment (yellow flags). An easy to use clinical algorithm and summary chart is provided which matches each low back pain diagnosis or classification to a specific recommended treatment protocol that addresses symptoms and underlying physical and functional impairments and psychosocial barriers.

Delivering a tailored treatment aimed at specific clinical, physical, functional and psychosocial findings can significantly improve patient outcomes, both in the short and long term.

This 3 1/2 minute low back examination can be purchased as a hardcopy workbook and DVD or online in digital format.

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3 ½ Minute Back Exam Digital Workbook and Videos

3 1/2 Minute Low Back Exam Workbook and DVD

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