Practitioner Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM)

FM is a chronic condition that gives rise to widespread pain with associated fatigue, depression and disrupted sleep. It is present in about 2-8% of the population - more common in women. It can be significantly disabling. The underlying cause is unknown but believed to be a result of dysfunctional pain pathways in the brain. FM can develop at any age, even in childhood, and there is often a family history of chronic pain.

What are common symptoms? 

  • Persistent, dull muscle aches and pain at multiple areas of the body including neck, back, shoulders, hips, pelvis and abdomen
  • Associated symptoms include fatigue, mood disturbances including depression, disrupted sleep, memory and concentration problems and gastrointestinal dysfunction


What are current treatments?

  • There is no single effective treatment
  • Best approach combines pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments
  • Pharmacological treatment can be helpful in alleviating some symptoms but rarely provides meaningful improvements without adopting self-management strategies
  • Non-pharmacological treatment involves a tailored multi-modal approach that includes education, graduated exercise, manual and trigger point therapies, cognitive-behavioural interventions, stress management, relaxation, and other self-management strategies

Why learn the Boot Camp Program for Fibromyalgia?

  • Improve outcomes using a comprehensive best evidence approach
  • Step-by-step and visit-by-visit instruction on how to implement the 8-week program
  • Specific manual therapy techniques, exercises and self-management strategies
  • A cognitive-behavioural approach to change behaviours, attitudes and beliefs, and mitigate negative expectations

Our Treatment Program

The Boot Camp Program for Fibromyalgia is a 6-week training program aimed to reduce pain, increase function and provide self-management strategies

Learn On Your Own

Learn to implement the Boot Camp Program by enrolling in our online course. The course consists of educational videos, a step-by-step instructional workbook and implementation guide.

Become a Trained Practitioner

Enroll and successfully complete a virtual or hands-on in-person certification workshop. Once completed you will be listed on our website as a trained practitioner.

Online Practitioner Boot Camp Course for Fibromyalgia

(Videos are not available at this time only digital instructional workbook and implementation guides)

Fibromyalgia Boot Camp Program Patient Workbook (includes 5)

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