Terms of Use

This version of the spinemobility smartphone app is strictly used for research purposes. You have been given access to this app because you have provided written consent to participate in a research study. This study aims to evaluate and improve the prototype app with the overall goal to improve physical activity in people with lumbar spinal stenosis. Your participation in this research project is voluntary and you may withdraw your participation at any time without affecting your care with your health care providers. While participating in this research project you will be asked to use the app in conjunction with your visits to your health care provider or on its own. You will be asked to perform exercises that are outlined in the app. Although the prescribed exercises have been shown to be safe in previous studies, it is important that if you become ill, injured, or harmed in any way while performing exercises or any activities prescribed in the app, that you immediately contact your health care provider and the principal study investigator. The contact information of the principal study investigator is outlined below.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Carlo Ammendolia at (416) 586-4800, ext. 6759