Jeff Balon BSc., DC, MD, CCFP ​

“I recently attended a Spinal Stenosis Bootcamp presented by Dr Carlo Ammendolia. I found it to be a very informative, practical and pragmatic workshop dealing with patients with this very challenging disorder. Dr Ammendolia’s hands on approach makes sense and it is supported by sound evidence. He has packaged the approach in a systematic and … Read more

Dr. Lindsy Jaworski DC

“Thank you for your dynamic presentation! I’ve never seen a presenter at this conference who had the rooms attention as you have. Your energy is much appreciated and your content is fresh and integrates into everyday practice. I consider your presentation a true CLINICAL PEARL! Thank you for your time!”  

Dr. Gavin Morphet

“I was able to implement this protocol immediately Monday morning, and the results have far exceeded my expectations. My patients who have completed the program have all at least tripled their walking distance, and are very pleased with their new level of function. One patient’s family physician is amazed with her results, and would like … Read more