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Refers to injury or irritation to the sciatic nerve (radiculopathy is the correct diagnostic term). Usually due to a disc herniation that peaks between 30-50 years of age. Males are more commonly affected. One of the most painful spinal conditions impacting 1-5% of the population each year. It is commonly recurrent. Modifiable risk factors include smoking, obesity, occupation and health status.

What are common symptoms? 

  • Pain and/or numbness, weakness, burning and tingling, usually traveling into the buttock and down the leg with or without low back pain
  • Symptoms worse with sitting and bending forward, when coughing or sneezing and when sleeping


What are current treatments?

  • Most people recover from an acute bout of sciatica
  • Surgery can help in the short-term but no better than conservative treatment in the long term
  • Spinal injections may provide small and short-term benefits in some patients
  • No clear benefit of oral medications
  • Conservative treatment combining advice, specific exercises, and manual therapy is a recommended first-line treatment

How can the Boot Camp Program help people with sciatica?

  • The 6-week Boot Camp Program for sciatica is a comprehensive approach, incorporating the best available research
  • Combines manual therapy, specific exercises and instruction on self-management strategies including ways to reduce pain-related fear and anxiety
  • Includes postural training with activities of daily living
  • Goal is to reduce pain and restore function and reduce recurrences
  • Best results when the program is implemented by a trained practitioner, but important benefits can be achieved when performed on your own (self-directed)

Our Treatment Program

Learn On Your Own

You can enrol in the Boot Camp Program through our online program.  The program consists of educational videos, a step-by-step instructional workbook and implementation guide.  But before attempting the program on your own, you should consult with your health care provider to ensure the program is right for you.

Get a Trained Practitioner

You can also receive the program through a trained practitioner

The Boot Camp Program for Sciatica is a 6-week training program aimed at reducing pain, maximizing function and reducing flare-ups both in the short and long term

Online Sciatica Boot Camp Program

Sciatica Boot Camp Program Patient Workbook and DVD for Patients

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