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Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain

Occurs in approximately 50% of pregnancies and can significantly impact quality of life. It is usually caused by an increase in the lower back curvature (lordosis) due to weight gain and a forward shift of the centre of gravity. This leads to excessive stress on the joints, ligaments, and muscles in the lower back and pelvic area, causing inflammation and lower back pain. The production of the hormone relaxin leads to laxity of ligaments and instability that also contributes to lower back pain.

What are common symptoms? 

  • Dull ache and/or sharp back pain mostly when standing, walking, and when getting out of a chair or bed
  • Unable to find a comfortable position when sitting or sleeping
  • Can lead to a bulging disc and sciatica (radiating leg pain) that can be incapacitating


What are current treatments?

  • Surgery and injections are rarely recommended
  • Pain medication can be of short-term benefit but is associated with side effects
  • A self-management program including postural education, stretching, core strengthening, and aerobic exercise is strongly recommended

Why learn the Boot Camp Program for Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain?

  • The 6-week Boot Camp Program is a comprehensive approach based on the best available research
  • Can reduce pain, maximize function and reduce flare-ups
  • Combines tailored exercises and instruction on self-management strategies that can reduce fear and anxiety caused by pain
  • Best results when the program is implemented by a trained practitioner, but important benefits can be achieved when performed on your own (self-directed)


Our Treatment Program

The Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain Boot Camp Program is a 6-week training program aimed at reducing pain, maximizing mobility and overall function and reducing flare-ups

Learn On Your Own

You can enrol in the Boot Camp Program through our online program.  The program consists of educational videos, a step-by-step instructional workbook and implementation guide.  But before attempting the program on your own, you should consult with your health care provider to ensure the program is right for you.

Get a Trained Practitioner

You can also receive the program through a trained practitioner

Online Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain Boot Camp Program

(Videos are not available at this time only digital instructional workbook and implementation guides)

Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain Boot Camp Program Patient Workbook

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