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Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS)
What is Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?

LSS is one of the most common causes of pain, disability and loss of independence in older adults. Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is usually caused by age-related wear and tear (degenerative osteoarthritis) of the lower back. This wear and tear can lead to narrowing of the spinal canals and compression to the spinal nerves that travel to the lower back and legs.

What are common symptoms of LSS?

  • Compression of the spinal nerves can cause pain, burning, numbness, tingling and weakness of the legs, buttock and lower back
  • The symptoms usually come on with standing and walking
  • People with LSS can usually only stand or walk for short periods of time, which significantly impacts their quality of life
  • Limited walking leads to a sedentary lifestyle and increased risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease and premature death.
  • Limited mobility also leads to isolation, depression and hopelessness that further deepens disability
  • Only 4% of people with LSS meet the minimum daily requirement of physical activity
  • Even small improvements in mobility can have a profound effect on overall health

What are effective treatments for LSS?

  • Few treatments have shown to be effective for LSS.
  • Surgery for LSS can be very effective for leg dominant symptoms but not usually for back pain. Surgical benefits for LSS tend to diminish overtime and there is increased risk for complications.
  • Spinal injections for LSS do not usually help with symptoms of LSS or only provide small and short-term benefits.
  • There is insufficient evidence for the benefits of oral medication including pregabalin, gabapentin and anti-inflammatories
  • Clinical trials show that the Boot Camp program for LSS is effective for improving walking ability, reducing pain and improving over-all function both in the short and long-term.

Why learn the Boot Camp Program for LSS?

  • Learn a program that has an 85% success rate in providing important improvements in walking ability as well as pain and overall function
  • The 6-week Boot Camp Program is a comprehensive approach based on the best available research
  • Provides individuals with the knowledge, skill and self-confidence to manage LSS for the rest of their lives
  • Includes education, instruction on specific exercises, postural training and self-management strategies
  • Implemented in a way to reduce fear and anxiety and build self-confidence
  • Best results when the program is implemented by a trained practitioner, but important benefits can be achieved when performed on your own (self-directed)

Our Spinemobility Program

The Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Boot Camp Program is a 6-week training program that has been clinically tested to significantly improve pain, walking distance and overall function, both in the short and long term.

Learn On Your Own

You can enrol in the Boot Camp Program through our online program.  The program consists of educational videos, a step-by-step instructional workbook and implementation guide.  But before attempting the program on your own, you should consult with your health care provider to ensure the program is right for you.

Get a Trained Practitioner

You can also receive the program through a trained practitioner

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