Spinemobililty Newsletter – February 2022

Spinemobililty Newsletter - February 2022 Hello and welcome to our newsletter where we update our subscribers on the latest in the world of Spinemobility! Our most recent publication, authored by Dr. Carlo Ammendolia and colleagues, was published in the British Medical Journal (Open Access) in January 2022. This review is the most up-to-date and comprehensive ... Read more

Spinal Stenosis and Disability

Spinal Stenosis and Disability by Dr. Carlo Ammendolia November 18, 2020 What is Spinal Stenosis and what causes it? Spinal Stenosis refers to a narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal canals or openings in the spine where the nerve travel through. It usually affects the lower (or lumbar) spine and is most commonly due to Osteoarthritis, ... Read more